Pellet therapy has been in existence for over seventy-five years. Widely used in Europe and Australia they are the longest studied form of hormone replacement therapy to date. Many companies make hormone pellets, however Bio-Te holds itself to the highest quality standards. Their pellets are independently tested and are e-beam sterilized.

Pellets mimic the way the body naturally produced hormones prior to deficiency. Pellets bring back patient hormone levels to a normal physiologic range that is optimal for them. Within twenty-four hours of insertion, the body starts building capillaries around the pellets. As blood flows by the pellet, the blood absorbs the hormones, and they are released in a constant fashion and over an extended period of time. Because the pellets are placed in the subcutaneous tissue, the patient does not experience the “roller coaster effect.” Over time the pellets are completely dissolved into the bloodstream and completely disappear.

​Age, activity, and stress levels can affect how long the pellets last. For men, pellets usually last approximately 4 to 5 months and for women they last approximately 3 to 4 months. However, how long they last are dependent on the activity of the patient. With more activity, they are better absorbed, but absorbed more quickly.

Pellets are about the size of a large grain of rice and are inserted in a quick and simple office procedure.